ФГУП “НТЦ оборонного комплекса “Компас”


SCIENTIFIC AND INFORMATION EDITIONS OF FSUE “The Scientific and Technical Center of the Defense Complex “Kompas” The scientific and practical journal
("Voprosy zaŝity informacii")


    Founder of the journal FSUE "VIMI" and publisher of the journal FSUE "Scientific and Tecnical Center of The Defence Complex "Kompas", editorial board and editorial staff maintained a policy of respect for the principles of editorial ethics and recognize that monitoring compliance with the principles of publishing (editorial) ethics is one of the main components of the peer review and publication.

    The works, published in the journal, are wholly owned by the authors. No one can use them without prior notification and permission.

    All persons who have made significant contributions should be listed as co-authors. If a person has been involved in a substantial part of the project, he needs to be commended, or it should be included in the list of sponsors.

    It is necessary to properly recognize the work of other researchers. Authors should provide links to publications that had an impact on the content of the described work.

    If the author discovers a significant error or inaccuracy in his published work, his duty is to immediately notify the editor of the magazine about it, and to cooperate with the editor to publish a retraction or correction of the article.

    Each received for publication / reviewing the manuscript should be treated as a confidential document. It should not be shown or discussed with others except those authorized by the editor.

    Unpublished information the disclosure provided in the article should not be used in any reviewer own work without the written permission of the author. Confidential information or ideas obtained by reviewing should be kept confidential and not used for personal gain.


    The scientific and practical journal
    ("Voprosy zaŝity informacii")