ФГУП “НТЦ оборонного комплекса “Компас”


SCIENTIFIC AND INFORMATION EDITIONS OF FSUE “The Scientific and Technical Center of the Defense Complex “Kompas” The scientific and practical journal
("Voprosy zaŝity informacii")


    The journal publishes the most urgent problems in the field of information security in their development and the ever-increasing importance, including:

    • the protection of trade secrets and intellectual property, new regulations and guidance documents regulating the activities for the protection of information and objects;

    • information security of automated systems and communications systems;

    • results of development and experience of new hardware and software protection and information security facilities;

    • results of research and feasibility studies (by the criterion of "efficiency - cost") concerns the protection of information in modern conditions, taking into account the expansion of international relations;

    • experience in the security services and training for them.

    The most important sections of the journal: cryptography; protection of information in computer systems and communication systems; general safety information and facilities; detecting and preventing possible leakage of information; automated systems, hardware and software to protect information from unauthorized access.

    Groups of scientific specialties / scientific specialties and corresponding fields of science, for which scientific degrees are awarded:

    05.13.01 - System analysis, management and information processing (by industry) (technical sciences),

    05.13.11 - Mathematical and software of computers, complexes and computer networks (technical sciences),

    05.13.15 - Computers, complexes and computer networks (technical sciences),

    05.13.18 - Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes (technical sciences),

    05.13.19 - Methods and systems for information security, information security (technical sciences).

    Decision of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) under the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia 29.02.2016 the journal is included in the list of leading scientific journals and publications issued in the Russian Federation, which shall be published basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree and Ph.D (#1880).

    The metadata of the journal is included in the database of the Russian Scientific Citation Index (RSCI).


    The scientific and practical journal
    ("Voprosy zaŝity informacii")