ФГУП “НТЦ оборонного комплекса “Компас”


SCIENTIFIC AND INFORMATION EDITIONS OF FSUE “The Scientific and Technical Center of the Defense Complex “Kompas” The interindustry scientific and practical journal
("Èkologiâ promyšlennogo proizvodstva")


    The great emphasis is placed on the following issues in edition:

    - Ecology of industrial production at the enterprises of different industries;

    - Ecology of the processes recycling and disposal of waste and man-made structures;

    - Technologies reducing the risk and consequences of natural and man-made disasters;

    - Safety of Radioactive Waste Management;

    - Ensure environmental safety during liquidation and disposal of radioactive and chemically hazardous substances.

    The journal also publishes innovative developments to address the most important scientific and technical issues, in particular:

    - The process of slow oxidation of organic and organic-metallic compounds, including waste destined for disposal, recycling of which is prohibited by law;

    - High-speed pyrolysis process that is used for the processing of municipal solid waste, including for the fuel component in the fuel reprocessing as the MSW and wood, brown coal and oil shale;

    - Development of systems for white water purification in order to reuse the water in industrial processes, and others.

    Editorial Board is represented by 19 leading scientists and experts, of which two - Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and 10 - PhDs. Review articles carried by the members of the editorial board, and experts have been recognized in the scientific community.

    The journal "Industrial Ecology" contributes to the development of new scientific fields and science-based approaches and methods to address the complex and urgent problems of environmental safety in a variety of industries.

    Groups of scientific specialties / scientific specialties and corresponding fields of science, for which scientific degrees are awarded:

    05.23.03 - Heat supply ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lighting (technical sciences),

    05.23.04 - Water supply, sewage, construction systems for the protection of water resources (technical sciences),

    05.23.19 - Ecological safety of construction and urban economy (technical sciences),

    05.26.06 - Chemical, biological and bacteriological safety (technical sciences).

    Decision of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) under the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia 29.12.2015 the journal is included in the list of leading scientific journals and publications issued in the Russian Federation, which shall be published basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree and Ph.D (#1733).

    The journal is included in the international abstract database - Chemical Absracts.

    The metadata of the journal is included in the database of the Russian Scientific Citation Index (RSCI).


    The interindustry scientific and practical journal
    ("Èkologiâ promyšlennogo proizvodstva")