ФГУП “НТЦ оборонного комплекса “Компас”


SCIENTIFIC AND INFORMATION EDITIONS OF FSUE “The Scientific and Technical Center of the Defense Complex “Kompas” The interindustry scientific and technical journal
("Konstrukcii iz kompozicionnyh materialov")


    The edition covers the latest theoretical and practical results of researches in the field of calculation and design of structures made of composite materials, study of their deflected mode, questions of experimental development and production of structures, economic and environmental aspects of production, methods of quality control of the manufacture and repair of structures, properties study methods of composite materials (CM), traditional and new areas of their use. 

    Much attention devotes development and implementation in created and perspective articles of aviation and rocket-space technology CM on the basis of polymer, metal and ceramic matrices with nanostructured elements, possessing qualitatively new properties; carbon and carbon-ceramic CM; nanocomposites; self-diagnosing and adapting to external influences intellectual polymeric CM. Questions of properties increase of polymer and metal-matrix CM through modification and strengthening of the binder by carbon nanofillers, nanoprecipitation hardening, as well as issues of obtaining heat and chemically resistant, radio transparent, radio absorbing CM, CM  able to screen ionizing radiation are considered.

    Groups of scientific specialties / scientific specialties and corresponding fields of science, for which scientific degrees are awarded:

    05.07.02 - Designing and production of aircraft (technical sciences);

    05.07.03 - Strength and thermal conditions of aircraft (technical sciences);

    05.07.05 - Thermal electric propulsion engines and power plants of aircraft (technical sciences);

    05.07.07 - Control and testing of aircraft and their systems (technical sciences);

    05.16.06 - Powder metallurgy and composite materials (technical sciences),

    05.17.06 - Technology and processing of polymers and composites (technical sciences);

    05.17.11 - Technology of silicate and refractory non-metallic materials (technical sciences).

    Decision of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) under the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia 29.12.2015 the journal is included in the list of leading scientific journals and publications issued in the Russian Federation, which shall be published basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree and Ph.D (#1580).

    The journal is included in the international abstract database - Chemical Absracts.

    The metadata of the journal is included in the database of the Russian Scientific Citation Index (RSCI).


    The interindustry scientific and technical journal
    ("Konstrukcii iz kompozicionnyh materialov")